PAKASIA pearl jewelry products

Our high-quality pearl products are 100% Thai brand, under the concept of beauty and value are timeless or “Beyond Forever”. All pearls are genuine pearls of the highest quality imported from the best sources all over the world such as Akoya saltwater pearls from Japan, white South Sea pearls from the best source in Australia, dark gold South Sea pearls from the Philippines, Tahitian pearls from French Polynesia and the highest quality Freshwater pearls and Edison pearls from China.

Confidence in quality with world-class standards
The highest quality is guaranteed by gem institutes and world-class pearl quality testing laboratories such as the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan, the Gemological Institute of the United States of America (GIA), and the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) (GIT).


Made from the finest ingredients from all over the world
Through the process of meticulous selection by pearl experts, the pearls are used to produce jewelry in various patterns, various designs, and various styles. Highest quality pearl products are combined with a genuine silver or gold case only and decorated with a variety of precious gems, both real gems and real diamonds. After-sales service throughout the lifetime is also provided.

PAKASIA, a Thai brand

Our brand has been recognized and trusted in quality and service both domestically and internationally, under the Buy with Confidence (BWC) program by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) (GIT).
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